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Teacher's Comments

Hello Section Internationale parents,

Welcome to Section Internationale CE1!  I look forward to getting to know your children better as we pursue the exciting adventure of English language learning.  For your convenience, these pages have been added to my professional website, on which you will find information about class materials, how the course is formatted, special dates to remember, and homework.  Most of this can be found in your child's Parent / Teacher Communication Notebook, but in these pages, you will also find links to videos shared in class, as well as additional links to activities, videos, and other sites geared toward children, all in the hopes that it will provide your child with a wide variety of ways to explore the world around them in English.


Students should read in English as often as they are able.  In addition to books at home, the Oxford owl library site is a free site with multiple levels of e-books to read (click here to go to Oxford Owl site) .  Let your child, with your guidance for the suitable level, choose which book they’d like to read.  Then to reinforce the reading, please use the guidelines and questions in the front and back covers as you usually do.  Feel free to add any other activity you wish to.  New words could be noted on the ‘New Words to Learn’ sheet.  We’d like to remind you that ideally the students should be reading the book and discussing the story with someone.  The minimum starting level for CE1 is Oxford Reading Tree level 4.

Brief overview of the pages relevant to young students within this site

  • CE1 Section Internationale primary page (this page)

    • On this page, you will find general discussion and advice relating to your child's classwork.

    • You will also find quick links to the other pages.

  • CE1 Class Materials page

    • On this page, you will find a list of what to bring to class and when.

    • You will also find the study materials used in class and for homework.

  • Bonus Points page

    • On this page, you will find information about Bonus Points, the token economy that we use in class.

  • The Wonderful World of Books page

    • ​This page includes various information about books for the CE1 student.  You will find lists of book recommendations from multiple sites, as well as a few of my own.  Following that, you will find several videos of fantastic children's books on different subjects being read aloud.

  • Exploring the World Virtually

    • Links to podcasts for kids and various educational websites for children.  There are a few educational videos as well!

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