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Bonus Points
A token economy

Using a token system to encourage student effort

A classroom token economy is a system of positive behavior reinforcement. A token is given as a reward for a target behavior and the tokens can be exchanged for something the student or class wants. Token economies in the classroom can be established to support academic learning, social behavior, communication skills or even more individualized targets like self-help or life skills.  

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How Bonus Points work in our CE1 class

Students are given several opportunities per week to do extra, or Bonus, work.  Sometimes I will assign an extra page in a workbook, sometimes it's an extra worksheet - the bonus assignments will vary.  In order to receive a Bonus Point, students MUST COMPLETE the regularly assigned homework, as well as the Bonus page(s).  All work must be done thoroughly and completely to count.  Bonus Points will be handed out as they are earned and will be kept in an envelope that is glued in their Homework & Parent/Teacher Communication Notebook.  In order to be valid, Bonus Points have the student's name written on the back by the teacher.  Once redeemed, the teacher will put a mark over the name.

How to redeem Bonus Points

Bonus Points may be redeemed along the following levels.  (The numbers in parentheses represent the number of Bonus Points for the Wednesday Programme students.)

Level 1

10 (5)Bonus Points = 1 Bookmark

10 (5) Bonus Points = 1 Bookmark

10 (5) Bonus Points = 1 Bookmark

Level 2

10 (5) Bonus Points =  1 Pencil

5 (2)Bonus Points =  1 Eraser

10 (5) Bonus Points =  1 Pencil

5 (2) Bonus Points =  1 Eraser

10 (5) Bonus Points =  1 Pencil

5 (2) Bonus Points =  1 Eraser

Level 3

10 (5) Bonus Points =  1 Super Secret Spy Notebook


Level 4

10 (5) Bonus Points = 1 super Secret Spy Pen

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