Private lessons offer classes focused entirely on you and customized to fit your specific needs, allowing you to take your English to the next level.  

Areas of study include:

  • Business English

  • Conversation skills, (speaking and listening)

  • Oral comprehension,

  • Written comprehension and expression

  • Pronunciation,

  • Vocabulary based on your personal requirements (for example: English for travel, specific interests, etc.)

Who can take private lessons?

Lessons can be set up in a one-on-one environment or for a small group.  It depends entirely on you!

When are the classes?

Private lessons are offered through Creative English World on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Where do private lessons take place?

Private lessons can take place at either your office or online!



The pricing for private lessons will depend on the number of people in the group as well as the duration of the lesson.  In general, one-on-one lessons are 35€ / hour.  Pricing for private lessons with two or more individuals will depend on content, the number of students, and subject matter.


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