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All of the courses below focus on conversational English.  The classes that utilize standard workbooks to study English grammar use the National Geographic Life series.  The classes are taught by a native English speaker, which provides students with an excellent opportunity to improve their listening skills.  All classes are taught entirely in English, but the pace is adapted to the varying proficiency levels of the students.  When vocabulary differs between American and British terminology, both terms and spellings are discussed to ensure that the student has a broad understanding of the nuances between the two dialects.


The subjects covered vary widely and depend on the interests of the class; for example, we cover vocabulary needed for travel and going to the doctor, as well as broader subjects like art, music, and world culture.  More than anything, these classes are an excellent place to practice and improve your English in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

There are classes for three different proficiency levels, with classes available in Bougival and La Celle Saint Cloud.  In the classes, we study, we talk, and we have a great deal of fun.  


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Conversation 2

Level: Pre-Intermediate

This course is ideal for students who have some basic knowledge of English, but who need further study of grammar and improved vocabulary.  The class is taught entirely in English, but the pace is slower to accommodate the level of the students.  


In this class, we study English grammar and vocabulary.  We will be principally following the Cambridge Touchstone, Level 3 Student Book, Second Edition and the accompanying workbook.  The book English Grammar in Use (fourth edition) by Raymond Murphy is also used to offer additional support to the Cambridge workbook.  (You will find details on the materials below.)

We study different aspects of English grammar each week and then discuss an assigned text, which is usually either an interesting article or a short story that coincides with the subject in the grammar lesson from the day.

This class is offered twice, one through Bougival Cultural Loisirs in Bougival, and the other through Accueil des Villes Françaises in La Celle Saint Cloud.



Conversation 3

Level: Intermediate

This course is ideal for students who are still need further study of grammar, but who now wish to focus more strongly on improved vocabulary, accent, and listening skills.  


In this class, we study English grammar and vocabulary, principally following the Cambridge Touchstone, Level 3 Student Book, Second Edition.  (This class does not use the accompanying workbook.). A new workbook will be introduced, which is English Grammar in Use (fourth edition) by Raymond Murphy, but its use will be limited.  (You will find details on the materials below.)

We study grammar, discuss various topics of interest, and read a book that has been chosen by the class.  Because this class is two hours long, we have plenty of time to chat, to dig deeper into areas of difficulty, and cover quite a lot of information.  

This class is offered through Accueil des Villes Françaises in La Celle Saint Cloud only.



Conversation 4

Level: Post-Intermediate

This course is ideal for students who no longer wish to study English grammar, but who want to have a place to read and discuss with others in English with the guidance and interaction of a teacher.


In this class, we do not study grammar, per se.  As issues arise in class, the instructor will explain grammatical and vocabulary as necessary, but the class time is predominantly spent focusing on improving listening and speaking skills.  The materials for this course vary according to location.  In Bougival, the students prefer to chose and read a book as a group.  In La Celle Saint Cloud, the students prefer to read various articles and short stories.  

The format of this class is the most relaxed, as the students learn through reading and discussing.  Grammar and vocabulary are discussed and explained as the conversation dictates.

This class is offered twice, once through Bougival Cultural Loisirs in Bougival and the other through Accueil des Villes Françaises in La Celle Saint Cloud.






Touchstone Level 3 Student Book, Second Edition 

ISBN: 978-1107665835


English Grammar in Use, Fourth Edition 

by Raymond Murphy

ISBN: 978-0-521-18906-4

Note: Purchase of this text is optional.  Digital copies of assigned pages will be provided.


For students who wish to work on assignments without purchasing the books, you can find .pdf versions of the books on these links:  



AVF Conversation 2

ISBN: 9781520152660


AVF Conversation 3

BCL Conversation 4


Classes in La Celle Saint Cloud

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